The radio industry is sick, we have The Cure…as well as Lady Gaga, Elvis, Girls Aloud and thousands more. SuitFM will be non-stop, round-the-clock, feel-good anthems radio station, designed to enthral and enrapture. Delivering you the biggest songs of the last 60 years, and a lot of forgotten gems.

Our Mission

Welcome to SuitFM, the new face of an ever-changing market.

When the radio industry launched, the world was a very different place. Here at SuitFM, our main goal is to recreate the golden age of radio. We want to build a strong and diverse community built on the strongest principle of radio, people’s love for music.

Our station is built on these three cornerstones, our promise.

An ideal version of what radio could be
Golden gems from the last 60 years
Round-the-clock non-stop anthems

I hope that you will join us and help our community grow.

All the best, your Commander-in Chief…


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